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The Hindustani music tradition diverged from Carnatic music around the 13th-14th centuries AD.[citation needed] The practice of singing based on notes was popular even from the Vedic times where the hymns in Sama Veda, an ancient religious text, were sung as Samagana and not chanted. Developing a strong and diverse tradition over several centuries, it has contemporary traditions established primarily in India but also in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In contrast to Carnatic music, the other main Indian classical music tradition originating from the South, Hindustani music was not only influenced by ancient Hindu musical traditions, historical Vedic philosophy and native Indian sounds but also enriched by the Persian performance practices of the Mughals. Songs.pk Bollywood Songs Download 2016 Bollywood Songs Download DjPunjab Punjabi Songs Download Hindi Songs Download djpunjab.com Hindi SOngs Download Telugu Songs Download Hindi Songs Download 2016 Hindi Songs Download 2015 Hindi Songs songs.pk Latest Bollywood Songs Download Songs.pk Hindi Songs Download Tamil Songs Download Telugu Songs Download PK Songs.PK Bollywood mp3 songs download Telugu Songs Download All India Songs Telugu Songs Free Download Hindi Songs Download Telugu Songs Download Hindi Songs Download Doregama


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